25 years experience in design and marketing

As a mother of 2 children, I feel very lucky to be able to manage my career alongside raising a family. I set up my own freelance business 20 years ago. It was in 2010, with some regular clients onboard that Takkall Design became my sole focus – and I have never looked back.

“Having worked both in-house for a high end furniture company for 5 years and for a design and marketing agency for 6 years, this gave me plenty of experience both client side and agency side in the world of design for web and print”.

In current uncertain times, when many companies are looking to cut costs, I am looking forward to forging new links and strengthen existing ones. I look forward to hearing from you about how we can look to improve your marketing strategies and give your company a welcome boost for 2024.

Why Takkall?

Because of my love for rugby and also my first ever client being Henley Rugby Football Club, I decided Takkall (a different take on ‘tackle’) should reflect this and express my desire to ‘Takkall Anything’… because I love nothing better than a good challenge!

Emily Harris

delivering clear authentic messaging

“Sharing immense satisfaction at some of the results that have been achieved, I thoroughly enjoy hearing about how my marketing solutions have reaped the rewards for my clients.”

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